The Success of the Tippy Tap Campaign in Kinu

Amina greets us as we approach her home in our collective green shirts (we look so smart!). She is sitting beneath the mango tree, watching the children play while taking a well-deserved break after working all morning in her garden. Her feet are dirty, her eyes sparkling, and she wears an easy smile; she is grateful for our visit.

I’ve visited Amina a number of times throughout the two and a half years UVP has worked in Kinu. During those first visits, Amina and I discussed the importance of a proper latrine, so, when I returned a few months later, I was impressed to see the beginnings of a new pit latrine at her home. Now that the latrine is finished, we were there to talk about a tippy tap.

As we begin telling her our visit was regarding the “Tippy Tap for Every Household” campaign, Amina admits she already knew the purpose of our visit! Earlier in the week, VHT Sarah told Amina we were coming to visit households to help construct tippy tap handwashing stations for those who wanted one and Amina was likely to get a visit. As a result and much to our surprise, Amina already had the wood ready to construct a new tippy tap. So, that’s exactly what we did.

After constructing the tippy tap, I asked Amina why it was so easy for her to install a tippy tap at her home. She told me that during UVP’s time in the village, she had learned so much about handwashing, proper latrines, and other sanitation facilities from UVP staff that it was an obvious next step after she completed the improvements to her latrine. She was just waiting for the right time. “The education from UVP has been so helpful, especially during the pandemic,” Amina reflected. “UVP shares not only how to wash hands for better health, but why, which is really important to me. Thank you to UVP!”

By Shafic Mutegule, Program Coordinator