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  • A Pilot Program Takes to the Skies
    At St. Margaret Secondary School in Nabitende, students have been learning more than just math, history, or science. During a pilot adolescent reproductive health (ARH) project, UVP staff taught St. Margaret students about puberty, the male and female reproductive systems, and the menstrual cycle. The ARH pilot project, generously supported by Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund, …
  • Tailoring a Better Life
    Six years ago, Nulu went into labor with her second child. Unable to afford transportation to a hospital, she opted to deliver with a Traditional Birth Attendant. She lost her baby after laboring for three days without proper medical attention. To make matters worse, a fistula (hole) opened between her bladder and vagina. Nulu became isolated from her family and …
  • Future Fistula Ambassador
    “As a result of [my] fistula, I faced stigma, self-isolation, fear, the loss of my marriage, and loss of hope.” These are the harrowing words of 19-year-old Suzan, a fistula survivor. This type of obstetric injury, often the result of prolonged births that result in tearing, can cause significant mental and emotional hardships in addition to the physical injury. When …


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