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  • A Tale of Resilience and Hope
    Betty is a 36-year-old woman from Nawansega Village. She is a mother of three, and a fistula survivor. We sat down with Betty to learn more about her journey, and the challenges that living with a fistula posed.  Seated at her sewing machine on the veranda outside her house, Betty started to recount her story while simultaneously sewing a dress. …
  • Sanitation is for Everyone
    Zatiuna is a vibrant 70-year-old shopkeeper and a social woman. She shares her homestead with her husband and his two other wives.  In rural Ugandan communities—including Namunkanga 2 village, where Zatiuna lives—many community members do not have a bathroom or a pit latrine at home. For those who do, it’s often not in a good state.  Zatiuna and her co-wives …
  • Breaking the Curse
    Elina is 36 years old, and a mother of four children. She developed an obstetric fistula when giving birth to her fifth child.  Elina attended the Kamuli Mission Hospital Fistula Repair Camp, and after a successful surgery, she joined UVP’s reintegration program. This program provides extra support to women as they heal, and it also gives them the opportunity to …


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