The End of Her Tears

Resty’s story is shared with her consent.

Like so many young women in Uganda, Resty developed fistula during the birth of her first child. She was unable to deliver naturally and was taken for c-section one full day after starting labor. Due to severe complications, Resty subsequently underwent a hysterectomy. One day later, her child passed away.

Because Resty’s family and friends had never heard of a fistula, they were scared to see her leaking urine. They tried to help her get medical care, but weren’t able to afford it. Instead, they turned to natural methods—like herbs–which are said to boost immunity and help cure illness. While affordable, these methods unfortunately do not cure fistula.

One day at home, Resty’s father was listening to the radio and heard an announcement about free fistula repair surgery camps hosted by UVP. Finally, there was an accessible treatment available to Resty. After months of sadness, there was hope and the end of her tears.

Resty attended two camps, as the first repair operation did not take. Her second surgery was successful and UVP invited her to join our reintegration program that supports high-risk patients who need extended care.

The reintegration program supports fistula patients throughout the healing process, and participants learn a skill or trade while they recover. Resty learned tailoring, uncovering a newfound talent to support herself financially.

When Resty spoke with UVP at the reintegration program house, she reflected on the extreme challenges that living with a fistula posed.

“I used to sleep on rags because the urine flow was too much. Now that I am healed, when I go back home, the first thing to do will be to collect all of them and burn them.”

Six months post-surgery, Resty is healed and doing well. She’s continued her tailoring and has created wonderful garments available for sale to her community.