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  • A tip-top well
    In 2016, UVP spearheaded the construction of a new borehole in Namunkanaga 1 Village. I met Isabirye five years later during a routine follow-up to ensure the well was in good working order.When I walked up to greet him, dressed in my green UVP t-shirt, Isabirye’s smile grew. Though we had never met before, he immediately knew that UVP was …
  • A Narrow Escape
    The collective global target, known as 95-95-95, sets the benchmark and agenda for HIV/AIDS eradication: 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status, 95% of people who know their status are receiving treatment and 95% of people on HIV treatment have a suppressed viral load so their immune system remains strong and the likelihood of their infection being …
  • This Is My Turning Point
    Joel is from Namunkanaga 1. He’s got that youthful energy – full of ideas and dreams – and he’s always sharing his wisdom with his friends. I met Joel at an adolescent reproductive health activity last August. The weather was perfect; primed for a fun day of football with a bit of health education afterwards. This is our go to …


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