In the Long Run

Fred and his five children live in a one bedroom house in Buswiga. Their compound, surrounded by plants and a few tall trees, lacked a pit latrine. 

Fred explained that he never attempted to build a pit latrine because of the high construction costs. Plus, there was ample bush on the property, providing space and privacy for his family.

During a recent visit from Village Health Team (VHT) member Betty, Fred learned about UVP’s sanitation campaign and the health benefits of pit latrines over open defecation. These house-to-house visits are an integral part of the effort to connect with community members one-on-one and share facts about hygiene and sanitation.. 

Betty explained that poor hygiene and open defecation often lead to the spread of diseases, and that by building a pit latrine, Fred’s family would not have to spend as much money on expensive medications to treat those diseases. After this interaction, Fred decided to construct a pit latrine. 

When VHT Betty first came to his compound, Fred said he felt the urge to run away, because he was embarrassed about the state of his family’s bathroom habits. Now the proud owner of a pit latrine, Fred stands tall knowing that his family is living healthier.

*Fred’s story is shared with his consent.